For Sale  

Mandolin Number 7  -  Photographs in the Gallery
This instrument is an Octave Mandolin (tuned GDAE) and plays one octave lower than a mandolin.
It has an open string length of  533mm (21inches)
The sound is deep and resonant.
It is a unique design with the following specification:
Neck - African Mahogany
Back and Sides - Sapele Mahogany
Soundboard - Spruce
Head Veneer - Flamed Maple
Trimmings - Rosewood
Machine Heads - Grover Sta-Tite (304 Series)
in gold colour.
​Neck - Carbon Fibre Re-inforced.
Tailpiece with engraved cover plate in gold colour.
Bridge - Floating type in Rosewood.
Bone Nut - 34mm
String width at Bridge - 48mm
Body Depth is 64 mm - 80mm

  E Mail enquiries please

Instrument 1    (not available)
Instrument 2   (not available)
Instrument 3  (not available)
Instrument 4   ( £500 )
Instrument 5   (not available)
Instrument 6  ( £550 )
Instrument 7   ( £650 )
​Instrument 8   (not available)
Instrument 9   ( £650)
Instrument 10 (not available )
Instrument 11 ( £400 )
​Instrument 12 (not available)
Instrument 13 (not available)
​Instrument14 (not available)
Instrument 15 (not available)
Instrument 16 (not available)
Instrument 17 (not available)
​Instrument 18 (not available)

All of my mandolins are new, in that they have been played to test the set up and to bed in the strings.

They have been part of my collection up to this point but are now available as I need to make
room for the next generation of instruments.

All are hand built by myself and are unique in design.

I can arrange to send you a sound file but would prefer it if you could come and play music in Devon.

Any carriage charges would be at cost.

​Please contact me by e-mail for further information or to discuss commisions.